The Proving Ground

Adam, a man made of dirt

Adam Posadas
29 August
I was born into a Navy family, so I was the New Kid often enough growing up that I developed a tendency to breeze in, change everything, and sweep out again. I hail from water if from any place, although I've lived up in the Pacific Northwest longer than anywhere else. I am Filipino-Danish-Southern-American by way of my four parents, so I talk funny. WARM = w+arm (~ 'war+m')

I had a difficult time in school, then I wandered a bit. I had too much time to myself for several years, and I suffered for the luxury. Now I am hungry and clever and spend my days devising ways of slipping Trickster's Trap. But sometimes the Universe says, "It is high time and past for you to earn your keep!" and there's not much else to do but get to work.

[To that end, I have banished myself into exile on the far side of the continent, away from my blue-eyed family, several good friends, and a city I don't imagine I could leave again without Mr Lover. Sitzfleisch! --April 2011]