The Proving Ground

Adam, a man made of dirt

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Hey Fat Girl!
You are beautiful!
You fill your skin.
You take up space.
You claim it as your own
proper place in the world!

Too many tell you what beauty looks like--
how many of them see what beauty is?

I see you, girl.
I see all of you.
I hear you, girl.
I hear your voice.

What I see is a woman
with the strength to stand
in herself, as she is.

What I hear is a woman
with the pride to speak
her story, in her authentic voice.

Your size is no number.
Truth can't be cut down,
can't be slimmed to fit desire.

Let them call you                    I will call you
fatty                                     gorgeous
chunky monkey                     beautiful
lard ass                               strong
heifer                                   proud
whale                                   mine

Love can't be measured
in pounds or kilos or inches around your waist.
My darling gir, the only measure
of this love I give to you
is taken by your own sense,
your own gut,
your own heart.

And when your own eyes see an ugly girl,
use that sense, that gut, that heart to remind yourself of this truth:
Fat girl, you are beautiful!
Fat girl, you are loved!


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